A truly breathtaking Italian wedding

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Back in early 2012 we were contacted by a lovely couple, Jill & Brian, who asked us if we could photograph their wedding — we of course, said yes. However, it was a wedding with a bit of a twist. They were to be married in Venice, Italy. A whole year and a half passed and it was 7:30AM on Thursday 16th May 2013 and we were sat at the airport waiting to board the aeroplane to Italy. A couple of hours or so later (after a rather nervy flight), we landed at Venice Marco Polo airport right in the middle of a tropical storm that was passing over Venice. First thoughts — please pass over and be gone by Saturday!

After settling in to our hotel we met up with Jill, Brian and most of their 50 guests that had arrived earlier in the week for pizza and drinks. It was so lovely of them to include us, it was great to get to know everyone and talk weddings — they were all so welcoming. Friday we made the short walk down the coast of Lido, the island we were staying on (approximately a 7-10 minute boat journey across the lagoon to Venice) to meet up with Jill & Brian to spend the morning looking around the church and to run through the day plan. Venice is one of the most incredible places. You could close your eyes and point your camera and shoot and the photo would be beautiful. The architecture is simply stunning and the people are so laid back, even with 'unusually high waters for that time of year!'.

Saturday. The morning of the wedding. We really couldn't have asked for a more perfect day weather-wise, the sky was crystal clear and the lagoon looked unbelievable in the sunshine.
As with all weddings, I (Scott) photograph the bride preparations and Matt the groom. I made a short journey around the corner to a quaint salon where Jill, her Sister who was her bridesmaid and her Mother all had their hair done. As with everything else in Venice, it was such a laid back affair, everything was so chilled and Jill didn't show an ounce of nerves! We then headed back to the hotel where Matt was with the groom to continue preparations.

The church was the most spectacular building inside, it was so grand with the most beautiful, intricate detail, just like the ceremony. I've never met a funnier, more laid back vicar! After the ceremony was over, the guests along with Matt & I headed to the four water taxis that were to take us on an incredible trip along the Grand Canal to the Baglioni hotel where the reception was to be held. It was as if Jill & Brian were celebrities, the crowds of people cheered and waved as we made our way past the many gondolas that filled the Italian waters.

Sticking with the unbelievably beautiful Venetian architecture and stunning interiors of these buildings, the Baglioni hotel was magnificent, hidden away down one of the many alleys in Venice, it was a real gem of a building. And just like the rest of this wonderful day, the reception was incredibly laid back and filled with love.

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"Professional from the outset, Scott and Cora quickly developed a friendly and approachable relationship with us to understand our exact requirements for our amazing wedding in Venice. With various meetings prior to the wedding and also a recce visit to the church and reception venue the day before, preparations were thorough which put us at ease. Scott and Matt captured every minute of the day without us realising they were snapping away! - completely unobtrusive and exactly what we wanted for our informal day.
We were truly thrilled with our final photos as they documented the smiles, laughter and stunning location beautifully. We wouldn't hesitate in recommending Loft Studio to others."
Jill & Brian Holden

Nozze di Venezia, venenti presto…

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A lovely Summer's day wedding at Didsbury House

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Danielle & Mark are the kind of people that as soon as you meet them, you instantly know that you're going to get on great. Fun, lovely and creative. They got married at a lovely old church in Didsbury, Manchester, the kind of place that was meant for beautiful photos to be taken. They then herded people over via a short walk to the beautiful Didsbury House to enjoy a huge meaty feast in the form of a BBQ!

The day itself was perfect, the sun shone throughout the day, everyone was super smiley and happy and they both looked awesome. It was an extremely laid back affair, you often see the nerves at some weddings but not this one, everything ran so smoothly and beautifully.

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